The Emirates National School master plan advances the idea of a versatile prototype school that will serve the needs of a K-12 population. Developed with flexibility and growth in mind, the program is adaptable to a variety of future sites, at increasingly larger scales to accommodate expansion.


To bridge the ministry’s aspiration for a large-scale, all-encompassing facility with creating an environment that supports the needs of the individual student, the schools is planned similarly to a small town or city neighborhood. Connected by a grid of major “avenues” and smaller “streets,” the plan is organized around three major program components and features a series of geographic centers or “squares.” The program components, including Central Facilities, Classrooms, and Administrative Offices, are organized in three clearly identified zones. The Classrooms are grouped in the two outer zones while the Administrative Offices and Central (shared) facilities, including the auditorium, gym, cafeterias, and playing fields, are in the middle zone. Adjacencies between these facilities and their proximity to the center of the complex are determined by frequency, type of use, student circulation patterns, and project phasing needs.

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