Located on Atlantic Avenue near Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, the renovation and addition to this existing three-story building consolidates and expands community-based and administrative programs for the Institute for Community Living’s (ICL) Mental Health Clinic, offering a one-stop-shop community health facility for East New York residents. While the facility’s programming provides essential health care services in an underserved neighborhood, the building’s design encourages physical and mental healing through visual connections to both nature and the community.


East New York Health Hub is composed of two interlocking volumes. The first is a two-story communal volume, expressed in a corduroy-like red brick pattern. Its form responds to the scale of the neighborhood, and its presence, solidity, and unique brickwork participate in a dialogue with existing structures surrounding the site. Atop this sits a two-story office volume, distinct from the lower volume by its setback, materiality, and its size and rhythm of fenestration. The interiors celebrate the industrial architectural attributes of the existing building and the contrast of the modern addition. Polished concrete floors contrast with bold colors throughout the spaces, creating energetic and inspiring public gathering spaces for the community. The industrial character is the framework for the interior design inspiration – exposed brick and large arched openings enhance the charm of the open office spaces. Each space was designed with careful consideration to ICL’s varied support programs, with special attention to conveying an atmosphere of safety, wellness, and a sense of community.

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