As part of a multi-year master plan developed with the Yeshivah of Flatbush, we have embarked upon a series of renovations and additions that will improve the academic and social environment of the Joel Braverman High School. This ambitious plan includes a complete physical renovation of the existing buildings as well as the addition of much needed new program spaces and is being completed in phases as funding becomes available.


Following the completion of phases one and two, the third phase encompassed connecting the existing building to a new three-story addition through a sky-lit passageway, or student commons, now the heart of the new campus. The commons serves as the central information hub and provides informal space for studying. The new addition also offers an expanded library, a new Beit Midrash, and a new café and courtyard.


The exterior envelope of the existing building, including the roof, and MEP infrastructure will be replaced in the fourth phase to provide a physical upgrade and a revitalized identity. Following the restoration of the façade, phase five will address renovations of each floor of the existing building that houses classrooms, faculty offices, and the school’s main gymnasium.

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