The Myrtle Avenue Development Master Plan creates a residential mixed-use precinct bridging downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene. A series of stepped buildings, eight to fourteen stories tall, line the revitalized street, culminating in a 38-story tower offering spectacular panoramic views. The master plan encompasses four blocks and 765 apartments, with a mix of market rate, mixed-income, and affordable units. The development will also include 150,000 square feet of retail space.

The master plan for the site was designed to allow the buildings to be developed in phases. The three buildings completed recreate the street frontage of Myrtle Avenue with a lively urban, retail presence. The Andrea at 218 Myrtle, the first phase, is a mixed-use building with 95 units of work force housing. The second building, The Giovanni at 81 Fleet, is also a mixed-use building with 205 units, and The Margo at 180 Myrtle Avenue with 228 units, was the final building to be completed.

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