Our team was a finalist in the adAPT NYC competition, sponsored by NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development. One of 33 team’s submitting and of four finalists, our concept was for a building comprised solely of micro-units. The Studio House concept features 60 apartments, each typically 300 square feet, with a gym, bike storage, and a rooftop terrace for residents. The building’s public and circulation spaces promote interconnectivity and community. The ground floor is a café and co-work space that opens onto a public plaza. The units are designed with two distinct living/sleeping areas – with multiple furniture configuration options, allowing for customization and flexibility. In every unit, the largest habitable area is offset from the entry and features high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Each unit affords tenants the welcoming experience of entering a space that opens and expands. The floor plan further enhances this sense of expansiveness by providing long diagonal views and two distinct living and sleeping spaces within the micro-unit. The project has been conceived as a reproducible and expandable prototype that suggests a new paradigm for turn-of-the-millennium living to meet the demands of an underserved and evolving urban demographic: the Active New Yorker.

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