In response to the Terekhovo Station Design Competition, Dattner Architects designed a first-class metro station in Moscow. Terekhovo Station will be one of a series of new subway stations in Moscow along the expanding Third Interchange Circuit (TPK). Alleviating demand on the central Ring Line, the TPK will connect periphery districts to each other without having to transfer to a branch line at the city center. The two circuits inspired the form of the pavilions, generated by a harmonograph, expressed as intersecting ellipses, suggesting connectivity and movement in multiple directions.


Nestled on an island formed by the meandering bend of the Moscow River, the Terekhovo Station area is slated to be developed for sports and recreation facilities. The new station is designed to Moscow Metro TPK standards, with four head houses, a mezzanine with ticket hall, and side platforms. Inspired by the natural formation of the river and the sedimentary layering of the Mnevnikovskaya Floodplain, our design takes the traveler on a subterranean journey—a descent through a frozen river. The forms and materials echo the flows of the river–frozen in time–and serve to guide travelers in their direction of travel.

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