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News - 07.18.16
2016_Metropolis Cover_ Salt Shed

Salt Covered – Architectural Record, Civil Engineering, and Metropolis

Since opening in Fall 2015, our Manhattan Districts 1/2/5 Garage & Spring Street Salt Shed have received numerous local and state awards and have been featured in local news broadcasts and publications such as the New York Times and New York Magazine.

We are proud to announce that in a matter of months, our Spring Street Salt Shed has graced the cover of three important magazines: Architectural Record, Civil Engineering, and, most recently, Metropolis. Dattner Architects designs projects that enrich the urban fabric with distinctive, innovative and inspiring buildings. As a firm that takes pride in our work focused on architecture for our communal civic life, we are honored by the excitement generated by these new public facilities and their positive impact on countless residents of New York City.

Successful high-performance, programmatically-complex, social infrastructure projects are the result of teamwork–and we share this recognition with our clients at the NYC Department of Sanitation and the NYC Department of Design & Construction, our colleagues at WXY Architecture + Urban Design, and the many engineers and specialty consultants who lent their expertise and enthusiasm to this project.

2016_Salt Shed covers_C2-

“The garage and shed have ended up being not just two of the best examples of new public architecture in the city but a boon to the neighborhood.”
– Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times

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