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News - 09.08.16
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Fashion Week at the Salt Shed

Last night, DSNY and Dattner Architects joined the fashion elite to kick off Fashion week at the Spring Street Salt Shed. DSNY and fashion designer Heron Preston collaborated to launch the agency’s new Foundation for New York’s Strongest with a series of fundraising events centered around the debut of fashion designer Heron Preston’s ‘UNIFORM’ line. Recently referred to as “Dumpster-Chic,” this line both repurposes DSNY uniforms and celebrates these first responders – who are often overlooked by the millions they serve.

A select amount of tickets were offered for VIP’s and included a private tour of the Salt Shed led by Principals from Dattner and personnel from DSNY.


Fashionistas and City Workers – and a few architects (Richard Dattner pictured above) – mingled together, listening first to DSNY’s Pipe & Drum Band and then a heavy metal mix on the sound system. Heron’s upcycled clothes looked great as people posed wearing them in front of the pile of salt in the shed as well as piles of to-be-recycled clothes.



The proceeds from this event will go to the Foundation, which is leading New York to send zero waste to landfills by 2030 – an initiative known as 0x30.

To find out more on the foundation visit DSNY’s website.

To learn more about this event and the correlation between DSNY and fashion week, check out this article.

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