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News - 11.21.16

The New York Times Features Two Dattner Architects Projects

Two of Dattner Architects’ projects, Via Verde and The Spring Street Salt Shed, were mentioned in an inspiring article by The New York Times, “The Shapes of New York“, acknowledging significant,  human-scale buildings that we don’t always see in New York’s very pronounced skyline. Of the 12 projects recognized for a positive contribution to New York’s architectural transformation over the past decade, we are thrilled to have two such important yet diverse projects included.

# 3 – Spring Street Salt Shed
The salt shed is a totally unexpected thing for a very municipal, prosaic, urban-management function, like the infrastructure for salting the roads in winter. It is a strange-looking thing; it draws attention to itself when you’re flying by in a taxicab. It’s got a good location on the West Side, it’s unusual and it makes you wonder, ‘What is that?’ It has a toughness to it architecturally that’s right. It’s interesting to have that level of care and value and investment into something municipal and often overlooked. It’s just salt storage. But why not?” —James Corner, Landscape architect and founding partner, Field Operations

#7 – Via Verde, The Green Way
“In Europe, there’s a lot of good architects involved in public housing, and there isn’t so much of a disconnect between design and affordable housing that you see in New York and the U.S. Via Verde is a good example of design contributing to making housing more special. Design shouldn’t just be limited to the high-income brackets. I liked the diversity of housing types here, from the low-rise sections at the neighborhood scale that steps up into this tower. With the facade, there was a lot of research, too, into durability, so you could maybe spend a little more knowing it would last.” — Amale Andraos, Dean, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture; co-founder, WORKac

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