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News - 08.15.17

Project Subway NYC: Demystifying the City’s Subway System

“Subway stations’ complex tunnel systems are a mystery even to most regular riders. Architect Candy Chan’s new X-ray maps demystify the paths in and around them.”

Dattner Architects’ Columbus Circle Station is included in a recent release of images for Project Subway NYC, a collection of subway station sketches, photographs, and architectural drawings. In the new series, subway stations are depicted as x-ray maps, illustrating not only the stations themselves, but their surroundings as well. The images contain tiny people and tall buildings for scale, as well as trees and parks, creating an urban setting on each map.

Subway stations can feel like a complex maze at times, but it is Project Subway NYC’s hope that these maps can help enhance the commuting experience and provide the public with a better idea of how each space is used.

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