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News - 09.05.17

Riverbank State Park Renamed

Dattner Architects’ Riverbank State Park has been renamed to Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park in honor of Assemblyman Denny Farrell’s tireless work “to improve the lives of New Yorkers.” Served in the Legislature for 42 years, Farrell was chair of the Ways and Means Committee and was instrumental 24 years ago in helping to establish Riverbank State Park, the most visited State Park in New York City. In addition to his long-standing career in public service and his participation in numerous government committees, Governor Andrew Cuomo thanked Farrell for continuing to be an advocate and active visitor for the park during today’s dedication.

Completed in 1993, this 28-acre urban park includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pool complex, amphitheater, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a riverfront promenade.

“This park shows how urban infrastructure may be designed to do double duty. All these amenities are built on top of a functioning water treatment plant. As the population of the city expands and demand for public recreational spaces increases, this park could serve as model for making necessary city Infrastructure inhabitable.” Nate Harris, Riverbank Park Visitor, June 2009

As the original Architect and designer of this magnificent facility, Dattner Architects is proud to have worked with such a dedicated team that, now, “will serve as a reminder to millions of New Yorkers and visitors the work Denny has accomplished to improve the lives of men and women in New York City and across the entire state.”

Dattner Architects Riverbank State Park

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