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News - 11.16.17
175 Delancey Street

Realizing Potential: 175 Delancey Street at Essex Crossing

One of New York City’s largest housing developments, Essex Crossing, is breathing new life into the Lower East Side. As New York City continues to struggle with ever-increasing homelessness, Delancey Street Associates (DSA) and the City seek to create more affordable housing to help battle the crisis and create more health and economic stability for the neighborhood. Essex Crossing is a nine-building mixed-use development with more than 1,000 residential units, half of which will be affordable. What was once abandoned vacant lots, DSA saw potential – the kind of potential that leads to an abundance of opportunities. Dattner Architects’ 175 Delancey Street, a 100% affordable mixed-use building in Essex Crossing, will offer important community services for what is essentially a brand new neighborhood. With retail, healthcare, and a community facility at its base, 175 Delancey will help establish a strong foundation for the new development, affording resources for food and healthcare and increasing access to amenities. With a commitment to improving and bettering the Lower East Side, 175 Delancey Street will bring vibrancy and opportunity to this vital New York City neighborhood.

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