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News - 12.14.17
Dattner Architects, Caesura, Downtown Brooklyn

Modern Living at the Caesura

On December 8th, The New York Times featured an inspiring article about modern living in Brooklyn’s iconic Cultural District. We have been working with Bernheimer Architecture on designing Caesura’s exterior façade that complements the surrounding community but to also hold its’ own identity. Not only iconic from the exterior, the Dattner Architects’ Interiors team worked with the client to develop meaningful design decisions that both maximize floorplans and create a serene atmosphere, a “pause” from the hustle and bustle of the growing neighborhood. The micro-units’ custom beds, tables, and storage, mixed with warm wood tones and large windows impart a welcoming, light, airy feeling.

The Caesura’s shared spaces encourage residents to engage with one another and access untraditional amenities. The core concept is based off sharing products and spaces to reduce the need for excess materials. These areas include a lending library, open to share books and household gadgets; a conservatory bathed in natural light, for mediation, contemplation, and yoga; and a roof terrace for social gathering and events, with views of Brooklyn’s thriving cultural hub. This is an important addition to Brooklyn’s Cultural District. A building that will share new space for important creative venues, designed as the neighborhood’s innovative, yet tranquil core, opening to residents in 2018.


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