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News - 10.26.21
OHNY Weekend Web

OHNY Weekend 2021 Wrap Up

Every October, Open House New York (OHNY) provides unprecedented access to New York City’s built environment—offering locals and visitors an opportunity to learn more about the vital architectural projects that are fundamental to civic life. As part of that effort, Dattner Architects was excited to share a glimpse into two of our award-winning projects—Riverbank State Park and the Spring Street Salt Shed—during this year’s OHNY Weekend.

Riverbank State Park 

Riverbank State Park

On October 16, founder Richard Dattner led three tours at Riverbank State Park—New York City’s first and largest public green roof. We were joined on the tours by Riverbank’s Cultural Complex Manager Travis Berry. A first-of-its-kind recreation facility with numerous year-round recreational amenities, the park has become a true community amenity. OHNY Weekenders were treated to the history of Riverbank’s inception, design, and construction as they toured through the park grounds, including the swimming pool complex, skating rink, and indoor athletic complex complete with fitness facilities.

Riverbank State Park tour group at OHNY Weekend

“Riverbank State Park, in its 28th year of operation, has become the third most visited State Park in New York—with over 3,500,000 visits per year. Riverbank is also a social success, serving every cultural, interest, and age group in its diverse community. Three groups of OHNY visitors enjoyed the tour—and their ride on the artist-designed carousel.” — Richard Dattner, Founder 

Spring Street Salt Shed 

Dattner Architects at Salt Shed tour for OHNY Weekend

A staple site during each OHNY Weekend, the Spring Street Salt Shed remains popular among OHNY visitors. The Salt Shed’s crystalline, faceted planes enliven this highly visible structure, acting as a counterpoint to its sister-project: the diaphanous, scrim-like façade of the Manhattan 1/2/5 Garage. Critical pieces of urban infrastructure, both Dattner-designed buildings have become iconic landmarks and are a source of neighborhood pride. Tours were led by Dattner Architects’ Principals Paul Bauer and Gia Mainiero, and included a presentation on the M125 Garage.

Salt Shed tour for OHNY Weekend

“It is always so invigorating to share our projects with passionate guests during OHNY Weekend, revealing that glimpse inside cherished yet enigmatic projects! The insights and questions this weekend sparked a great dialogue about the impact of our work on the city, and how we as architects respond to both the environment and the communities we serve.” — Gia Mainiero, Principal 

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