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News - 03.30.22
Santaella Gardens

Santaella Gardens Receives Passive House Certification

Dattner Architects is proud to announce that Santaella Gardens is officially PHIUS+ 2015 Passive House certified!

Located in the Bronx, Santaella Gardens is a new mixed-use residential development, providing workforce and affordable housing with retail and a community facility on the ground floor. The building relies on advanced, climate-specific design strategies to reduce energy use. The super‐insulated, virtually air‐tight building envelope includes thermally broken, high‐performance windows and advanced air sealing details to eliminate condensation and air exfiltration. The high‐performance envelope offers residents enhanced thermal comfort while lowering heating and cooling costs.

Santaella Gardens Passive House diagram

A continual supply of fresh, filtered air is provided to all apartments and common areas via Energy Recovery Ventilators, which continually exhaust stale air while recapturing energy from the exhaust air. Residents enjoy enhanced indoor air quality without opening windows, increasing indoor comfort by blocking noise and particulates from the elevated train and nearby Bronx River Parkway. Space conditioning for apartments and common areas is provided with air-source heat pumps, an all-electric solution that advances the electrification goals of New York City’s own Green New Deal, known as OneNYC 2050. These strategies enhance occupant comfort, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and yield immense energy savings, lowering the utility bills for the lifespan of the building.

Rooftop solar photovoltaic panels generate onsite renewable energy, with a total capacity of 162.7 kW. Energy‐efficient features include ENERGY STAR appliances, LED lighting with control sensors, and Energy Recovery Ventilation. These work together with the super-insulated building envelope to drive down the energy use intensity (EUI) to a projected site EUI of 20.40 kBTU/sqft/Yr.

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