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News - 05.02.22
Living Future '22

Dattner Architects at Living Future ’22

Project Architect Brandon Wang, Designer Kathy Mu, and Director of Sustainability Shefali Sanghvi will be speaking at this year’s LIVING FUTURE ‘22 (LF22) Conference.

Held from May 2-13, LF22 unites a community of deep-green thought leaders, practitioners, and healthy materials providers for inspiration and knowledge sharing of strategies to address racial inequities and injustices in our communities. The conference is split into 10 tracks: Just Future; Climate Justice; Ecological Restoration; Resilience; Policy; Zero Carbon; Health; Materials; Beauty + Biophilia; and Innovation in Ownership

Community Engagement and Climate Justice: Inspiring Architects to Engage
Date: May 3, 2022 at 5:30pm EST
Track: Climate Justice

In the fall of 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Dattner Architects prepared and facilitated a series of internal workshops studying climate justice and community engagement. Often, community engagement discussions center on development opportunities and when they should happen. At the time of the workshops, with everyone spending significantly more time confined in their own neighborhoods, we took this opportunity to study these areas in-depth and through the lens of a resident. By starting with this approach and folding in concepts of climate justice and the role of the architect, we developed a unique understanding of community engagement that allows for greater empathy for and connection to the communities with which we serve.

By reviewing these workshops, and emulating some of the techniques used, this session will explore innovative ways to engage with communities and ourselves as stewards of the built environment.


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