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News - 06.14.22
Anchin Award

Dattner Architects Wins Anchin Award

Dattner Architects has been honored with an Anchin Award for Most Substantial Impact in Sustainability, alongside Jonathan Rose Companies and ECOR Global. This award recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond expectations in regards to sustainability within the built environment, real estate, and construction industries—highlighting innovative project work across a portfolio that presents a thorough and robust strategy for sustainability practices for the long-term.

For decades, Dattner Architects has provided models for impactful civic architecture. From creating the first green schools guide for the largest public district in the US, to designing NYC’s first new subway station in 26 years, we are proving that good design is driven from social and environmental impact.


Our long-standing commitment to sustainable design is characterized by a flexible, project-specific approach that combines passive and low-tech solutions with more active systems, analysis, and controls. With each new commission, we seek to push beyond the conventional standards for sustainability, innovating high-performance approaches that work with the building program, site, and budget. We have become a leader in affordable housing Passive House design by proposing creative solutions in order to meet strict energy efficiency criteria for the building’s insulation, envelope performance, space heating and cooling, and primary energy demand within the building.

“We are honored to be recognized along with Jonathan Rose Companies and ECOR Global for our commitment to sustainability. Our growing experience and expertise in urban, multifamily affordable passive house projects is just a small part of what we can do to mitigate our impact on the built environment. As codes become more stringent and push towards all electric buildings, we hope that this becomes the norm, rather than the exception – but we are glad to be one of the pioneers in this space by proposing creative solutions that work within the existing multifamily design and construction framework. After all: isn’t that the goal, that all our projects are energy efficient and built to rigorous standards that allow for affordable electric heating and cooling while keeping occupant health in mind?” — Shefali Sanghvi AIA, Director of Sustainability

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