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News - 08.30.23
Via Verde

Via Verde – Celebrating its 10-year Anniversary

A decade after being selected as the winning entry in the New Housing New York Legacy Competition, Via Verde continues to serve as an archetype for future subsidized housing in New York City and beyond.

The project set a precedent for how to achieve lofty design and sustainability goals for an affordable housing development while adhering to a strict budget. Ultimately creating 202 apartments spread across three distinct residential programs, Via Verde will continue to provide equitable, sustainable housing for South Bronx residents well into the future.

In celebration of Via Verde’s 10-year anniversary of operation Jonathan Rose Companies and Phipps Neighborhoods compiled a video detailing the history of the community. Included below is a snippet from the video, along with a link to the full version. We teamed with Grimshaw Architects and Weintraub Diaz Landscape Architecture to bring this visionary building to life.

To watch the full video please visit this link:

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