Located in southern Queens, the new 116th Precinct Station House is a relational intermediary between neighborhood scales of residential and rail, a physical connector for residents and the Rosedale Station entrance, and an important social connector for the NYPD and Rosedale community. A key siting strategy for this project is to locate the new building along the street and place the parking behind, shielded from public view. This move both gives the police station a presence along the street frontage, and protects the character of the residential streetscape and sidewalk from vehicular activity. Extending a single-story wing back to the LIRR embankment frames a new public plaza designed to encourage community awareness, interaction, and engagement with the NYPD 116th Precinct team, as well as connect the neighborhood with the LIRR Rosedale station entrance. A new community room anchors the corner of the building and serves as a prime programmatic element of the plaza. This project is a part of the NYC Department of Design and Construction’s Design Excellence program.

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