Through an infrastructure of large-scale horizontal and vertical timber grids, Carbon Copy envisions using the verticality of the skyscraper to create a taller and denser “Skyforest” that combats rampant deforestation and the subsequent disruption of the carbon cycle.


The concept incorporates a modular system of tree-supporting structures that extend vertically off of the forest floor using a three-dimensional grid, leaving the ground open for continued plant growth, animal migration, bird flight, and vehicular and human passage. The modularity of the system allows for the structure to seamlessly respond to topographic obstructions on the forest floor. Each tree is planted in a high tensile fabric pouch that is secured on all four sides within timber frames. Planted as saplings, the trees’ falling seeds will take root in the suspended soil and eventually take over the entire structure. Both the trees and the timber structure sequester carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.


By expanding vertically and doubling the number of trees in a given area, this intervention negates the carbon released through deforestation and restores atmospheric equilibrium.


eVolo Magazine—2019 Skyscraper Competition, Honorable Mention

Rethinking the Future—Global Architecture & Design Awards, Honorable Mention

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