Our work aims at the realization of our clients’ highest aspirations while respecting shared social responsibility and building within available resources.

Who We Are

Designing the Civic Realm

Dattner Architects’ foundation is civic architecture—and we continue to seek out opportunities to improve and sustain communities and the urban environment through our design.

Our diverse practice includes the planning and design of schools, offices, housing, healthcare, transportation, recreation, and infrastructure for wide range of communities and clients. We have earned a strong reputation for leading complex projects and developing innovative, implementable solutions.

A hands-on approach characterizes our practice and allows us to respond to large and small projects alike with a consistently high quality of service, design and technical rigor.

We believe that each individual project is linked to a larger context, and we explore those connections in our work.

Who We Are

Design Approach

We believe that each project must belong to its place and time, tread lightly on the environment and inspire its users – and we have consistently sought to articulate these core values in all our work. Our responsibility to our clients runs in tandem with our responsibility towards a sense of a shared collective. Through our iterative design process the essential elements of a project are explored, articulated and defined. With each commission, we seek to push beyond conventional standards for sustainability, innovating high-performance approaches that align with each building program, site and resources.

Our commitment has been recognized by over 100 design awards including a GSA Design Award, the Medal of Honor and a Citation for Design Excellence and Firm of the Year award from the NYS AIA and multiple Art Commission Awards from the NYC Public Design Commission.

Who We Are


The principals at Dattner Architects collaboratively lead the firm with a shared commitment to the legacy of the practice and to designing the civic realm. Actively involved in each project, they shape the direction of the firm through with each design. Their iterative process yields creative solutions responding to each client’s individual needs and aspirations, the urban context and the environment.