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News - 09.27.22
John Woelfling at PhiusCon

John Woelfling at PhiusCon as Keynote Speaker

On October 27, Principal John Woelfling will be one of this year’s keynote speakers at PhiusCon 2022. Joining him is Trinity Financial VP of Design & Construction, Christoph Stump. John and Christoph will use 425 Grand Concourse and other Passive House projects to discuss Passive House certification and what it means for the future of multifamily housing developments.

The core principles of Passive House design establish a framework for healthy, energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings—buildings that are consistently comfortable in all seasons.

Integrated during design and implemented in the construction of 425 Grand Concourse, these principles allow the building to be one of the largest Passive House developments in North America: minimized thermal bridging, energy recovery ventilation systems, an airtight building envelope, and high-performance glazing and thermal insulation.

Paired with an informed approach to building orientation/form and solar shading, this benchmark sustainable project provides a model for healthy living environments in a district with one of the worst childhood asthma rates in the country. Each apartments’ living rooms and bedrooms directly receives filtered, ventilated air, increasing interior comfort and air quality. The project’s expansive windows provide abundant amounts of daylight into the apartments while balancing the window to wall ratio that is critical to achieving Passive House performance levels.

While design and construction will be at the heart of this PhiusCon conversation, John and Christoph will also take a wider view, examining business solutions and opportunities for these types of projects throughout the country.

Formerly North American Passive House Conference, PhiusCon is the leading passive building conference for climate-specific zero energy design, construction, and building science expertise. Now in its 16th year, the conference is slated for October 25-28 at the historic Palmer House in Chicago.

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