Located within the recently rezoned Cypress Hills area of East New York, 50 Penn will provide 218 units of 100% affordable housing and a healthy grocery store on the ground floor. The transit-oriented, mixed-use development conveniently sits adjacent to the elevated J/Z Subway and the below-grade A/C Subway. Residents of the multi-family building will have recreation space, amenities on the second floor, a lobby, laundry room, fitness center, and storage space for bicycles and vehicles.


The nine-story structure now occupies a former industrial site, which was remediated by the Brownfield Cleanup Program. The building’s sustainable design continues these environmentally conscious efforts through its adherence to passive energy standards, the City’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program, and the NYC Zoning Resolution’s FRESH program. The project includes greenroofs, rooftop photovoltaic panels, a highly insulated exterior wall system for energy efficiency, and landscaped outdoor space for the residents’ health and well-being.



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