In response to evolving technologies, the urge for resilient infrastructure, and the necessity to link underserved areas, Dattner Architects envisions a more robust and resilient transit network, allowing neighborhoods to thrive with diversified job opportunities, local amenities, and scales of housing—supporting a life and identity independent of the Central Business Districts (CBD).


We propose deconcentrating our CBDs through strategies that catalyze and encourage development of the urban extents—underserved neighborhoods at the City’s peripheries and in-between spaces. Our Alternative Transportation System identifies outlier communities and creates an urban ‘stent’ to reconnect the “urban extents” to the existing transit network. Because each city’s need varies, the solution should be developed with that in mind. For New York City and its surrounding boroughs, our solution calls for the immediate deployment of small-scale, lower cost means of transit comprising: new ferry landings, high speed automated vehicle thruways using existing right-of-ways, and aerial ropeways.



WAN Urban Challenge: Reclaiming the Streets 2018

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