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News - 05.28.15
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2015 Industry Impact Award

Dattner Architects is honored to be one of three companies to receive the Industry Impact Award, a 2015 New York Construction Award bestowed upon firms which have had a transformational effect on the New York Metropolitan area. The Award is given each year by Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP, in conjunction with the New York Building Congress, AIA New York Chapter, and ACEC New York. Honoring industry leaders, the annual awards ceremony will be held on June 11 at Club 101 in New York City.

For over 50 years, the work of the firm has focused on “everyday architecture”—the buildings where people live, find culture and education, work and play. We strive for design excellence within the limited resources usually available for civic projects, and further enhance the quality of life of our fellow New Yorkers by helping provide pure water and remove waste, facilitating transportation, and reclaiming our waterfront.

Expressing the civic significance of public structures by superior architecture, meeting community needs, and respecting neighborhoods—literally repairs and enhances the urban fabric of our city.

Beginning with modest adventure playgrounds, our practice has continued to expand the shared public realm—with new and renovated public libraries, public schools, public parks and recreation, mass transit, water supply and treatment, waste management.

Among the greatest satisfactions of designing in the public interest is the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens pass through, or use, our designs—every day.

-Richard Dattner, FAIA

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