Our work aims at the realization of our clients’ highest aspirations while respecting shared social responsibility and building within available resources.

Who We Are

Designing the Civic Realm

Dattner Architects’ foundation is civic architecture. Through our design of transit stations, schools, housing, healthcare facilities, parks and recreation facilities, and police and fire stations, our work has enriched the ever-growing urban fabric with distinctive, innovative, and inspiring buildings—positively impacting countless residents.

The core of our practice covers a broad range of typologies, located in a range of diverse urban areas from central-city neighborhoods to the growing outer neighborhoods that are vital to the development of each city. Dattner Architects’ projects reflect the forces that have shaped the life of each community and influenced the design of urban spaces and buildings. Over time, our work has grown in scale and complexity, but our role in all our projects has stayed remarkably consistent.

We are not only architects, but steadfast advocates, facilitators of the complex exchanges between communities, professionals, and government officials required to realize these projects.


We believe that each individual project is linked to a larger context, and we explore those connections in our work.

Who We Are

Design Approach

We believe that each project must belong to its place and time, tread lightly on the environment, and inspire its users. As designers and collaborators, the process of engagement with many stakeholders shapes our projects and how we work. Through partnerships with clients, interdisciplinary teams of consultants, and communities, we maintain a holistic approach, built upon the exchange of ideas resulting in design excellence.

Committed to integrating sustainable practices into our work, we believe it is our responsibility to design sustainably. We implement a flexible, project-specific approach that combines passive and low-tech solutions with more active systems, analysis, and controls. With each new commission, we seek to push beyond the conventional standards for sustainability, innovating high-performance approaches that work with the building program, site, and budget. Our firm is a signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment to achieve benchmark greenhouse gas reductions and a leader in Passive House design.

Who We Are


Founded on a culture that is dedicated to creating inspired spaces that impact people’s everyday lives, Dattner Architects thrives as a collaboratively-led firm. With a shared commitment to the legacy of the practice and to designing the civic realm, a hallmark of our approach is senior level involvement throughout the life of a project. Our iterative design process yields creative solutions, responding to each client’s program and site, the urban context, and the environment.